Business Etiquette (BE)

The course will approach the actions that must be done, behaviors that must be acted and attitudes that must be had in order to successfully obtain a job and also, to become a valued and effective employee at the workplace and in the personal life.


Learning How to Learn (LHL)

The course will describe different learning techniques which can help the VET learners in their professional life. It will include various techniques usable for improving the learning output of a person both in professional and in personal areas.

Professional Digital Literacy (PDL)

The course will be centered on the use of electronic software and hardware for professional purposes. The PDL training curricula will state the various uses of the most common devices at this moment, the smartphone and the laptop ...

Trainer’s kit (TK)

The material will include tools and techniques usable to successfully integrate the 3 previous courses in the general curricula of the school, both as stand-alone courses and as appendices in other areas. It will contain a guide usable by all VET educators across multiple disciplines to successfully instill in their students the values presented in the three previous courses.

About Rural+

In today’s labor market, employers put the pressure on employees, demanding higher standards for employment. The high standards for employment are endorsed also by the labor offer present, which is growing every day. Considering these facts, how can a VET learner, gain competitive skills to secure the position that he wants?


Our project is proposing a solution to improve the attractiveness of the VET learners before the potential employers by enhancing 3 soft skills which they will use in the process of employment and throughout their entire professional life.

The profile of participants

  • VET teacher, trainers and mentor who work in VET centers wanting to upgrade their teaching methodology with aspects of the three soft skills.
  • VET center administrators that want to learn how to integrate the soft skills in their center general curricula and make it applicable to all specializations and topics.