Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Introduction
Module 2What is the Rural+ Project about?
Unit 1Rural+ Programme Concept
Module 3Summary of the map of the Needs Mapping of the VET
Unit 1Summary
Unit 2Cyprus
Unit 3Italy
Unit 4Romania
Unit 5Portugal
Module 4Rural+ - Educational Approach
Unit 1Face to Face training
Unit 2On-line training
Unit 3Blended training
Module 5Courses and Learning outcomes
Unit 1Courses and Learning outcomes
Unit 2Learning Courses Syllabus
Unit 3Learning courses framework
Unit 4Learning unit plan
Unit 5Summary of Lesson Plans
Module 6Implementation of Lesson Plans
Unit 1Introduction of the Learning Units
Unit 2Icebreakers
Unit 3Warmups or Energizers
Unit 4Theoretical Part
Unit 5Practical Part
Unit 6Case study
Unit 7Exercises
Unit 8True/False
Unit 9Revision, Summary and Questions
Unit 10Teaching Methods
Unit 11Learning Materials